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Dear WIRES Members,


What is it that makes us want to volunteer? While travelling the other day I was listening to a commentary about volunteering and volunteers. The speaker was talking about what an organisation should be doing to show value and appreciation to their members, and she spoke of physical and material support. Thinking as the Chair of WIRES I asked myself what do we do, and how could we do it better? More can be done.


My overwhelming feeling however was that the speaker missed the point of being a volunteer, especially a WIRES volunteer, where for us the primary focus is on the animals in our care, and secondly the organisation, where it sits in the back ground suppling the level playing field. Isn’t being a volunteer about what we can do to give to help our passion or cause. For me it is, it is not what can I get or expect to get?


I believe our value as volunteers lies in the advocacy we play in the community for the recognition, protection and care of our native animals, and you as a WIRES member unswervingly commit to that purpose. You are known by the public as a WIRES volunteer, nothing else needs to be said.


I can only praise and thank you for being a WIRES volunteer, you continue to be unselfish in your commitment to the native animals and their welfare, and are always ready to assist other WIRES members. Somehow it doesn’t seem enough in these days of extreme language, so again, thankyou, merci, danke, sas ef_charistó_, 'a d'anq, ¡gracias.



Kind Regards

Bill Thompson





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