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WIRES Head Office Contacts

WRO member line - (02) 8977 3309 

Kristie Harris - WRO Manager - wro@wires.org.au

Member availability - lynelle@wires.org.au


- Membership enquiries please send to members@wires.org.au

- Login info and getting started plus any technical difficulties - contact Lynelle O'Bryan  on (02) 8977 3394 or Lynelle@wires.org.au

WIRES xMatters New Rescue System

We have recently implemented a new rescue communications system with the 20 branches working with the WRO (WIRES Rescue Office).

All rescuers can set up a user account, following the instructions below & you can login to the system and edit your availability and the devices you are contacted on at any time.

If you have an Apple or Android smartphone and you are a WIRES rescuer you can also download the free WIRES/xMatters app that is ONLY for WIRES volunteer rescuers. The app is the best option for rescue communication where possible as it's free for the WRO to send the messages & free for volunteers to reply to the messages (and you can add comments when you reply).

Download the user account set up & app install document and follow all the steps in the document. 

Download the availability and device set-up instructions document and follow all the steps in the document. 

Download the instructions for setting up your computer dashboard and follow all the instructions in the document. The xMatters website address is https://wires.au1.xmatters.com.au 

Once you have set up a user account for your computer on xMatters you can login via the xMatters website to see ‘live rescue data’ showing any/all outstanding rescues for your branch at that point in time. 

Please contact support@wires.org.au with any questions on the rescue system.

Member Renewals for 2016-2017

Please refer to your WIRES ID card and if the expiry is 31st March 2016, you will need to renew for 2016-17 or for three years to 2019.

Emails will be sent in the next few weeks to all those who need to renew their membership this year. If you do not receive an email and your WIRES ID card shows an expiry date of 31st March 2016 please contact lynelle@wires.org.au with your correct email address.

Follow this link to renew your WIRES membership via our online payment system. 

If you prefer to renew your membership by mail please follow this link.