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WIRES Head Office Contacts

WRO member line - (02) 8977 3309 wro@wires.org.au

Jessica Birrell - WRO Manager- jessica.birrell@wires.org.au

Amanda Chorley -Member availability -amanda.chorley@wires.org.au


- Membership enquiries please send to members@wires.org.au

- Login info and getting started plus any technical difficulties - contact Carla Toyne on (02) 8977 3327 or carla@wires.org.au

WIRES 2015 Calendar is now available for order.
It features 12 gorgeous images of native animals, several of these were taken by WIRES members of animals in care and it is available to members for just $12 each including GST and postage.

Order online using your credit card or if you prefer you can download and print the member order form 

For bulk Branch orders please email dianne@wires.org.au

WIRES 2015 Calendar

Late Member Renewals for 2014-2015

Late membership renewal fees now apply.

Please refer to your WIRES ID card and if the expiry is 31st March 2014, you will need to renew for 2014-15 or for three years to 2017.

Emails were sent to all those who needed to renew their membership this year. If you did not receive an email and your WIRES ID card shows an expiry date of 31st March 2014 please contact members@wires.org.au with your correct email address.

Follow this link to renew your WIRES membership via our online payment system.

If you prefer to renew your membership by mail please follow this link.