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Intranet Support: Login info, getting started and any technical difficulties - contact Member support (02) 8977 3394 or members@wires.org.au

Carer HQ:   New users grab the Carer HQ "Cheat Sheet" from here - and Trouble Shooting information from here.

xMatters: Information and Trouble Shooting download here.

If you have an Apple or Android smartphone and you are a WIRES rescuer you can download the FREE WIRES/xMatters App that is ONLY for WIRES volunteer rescuers. The App is the best option as communication via the App is free for the WRO and WIRES volunteers. The host for WIRES xMatters is:  wires.au1.xmatters.com.au - you must manually enter this information into the device.

Please contact members@wires.org.au with any questions on the rescue system.

Wires Rescue Office member line - (02) 8977 3309

WIRES Board AGM: Notice is hereby given that the WIRES Inc Annual General meeting will be held on Saturday 20th October 2018, 117 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW at 9.30am.

WIRES 2019 Wildlife Calendar - Members

WIRES 2019 Calendar is now available to order online. Your member price is $12.95 including postage. This special price is only available to current WIRES members. Buy online today. If you would prefer to be sent a hard copy order form please email Linda.donovan@wires.org.au or call during business hours 8977 3396

Member Renewals for 2018-2019:

Please refer to your WIRES ID card and if the expiry is 31st March 2018, you will need to renew for 2018-19 or for three years to 2021.

Renewals for the 2018/19 year have now been CLOSED.  However, if you wish to make a late renewal you may still do so using the below links.  A $10 late fee has now been added.

Follow this link to renew your WIRES membership via our online payment system. 

If you prefer to renew your membership by mail please follow this link.