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A number of confidentiality principles apply to information provided through the WIRES Intranet.

These principles are intended to apply to information (other than that already clearly in the public domain) provided at WIRES meetings, in correspondence, or circulated to WIRES members by email or mail. They are that:

1.    Information made available to WIRES members is provided on the basis that it may directly or indirectly assist in the care of native animals, and is intended only for that purpose.  

  1. This information should not be given to the media or used in academic or other publications without the specific and written approval of the original source (owner) of this information.
  1. WIRES members reporting information to the Intranet should exercise care in reporting information that may identify individuals or small communities when there may be some stigma or other adverse consequences associated with such reports.

Endorsed by WIRES IT Operations Committee July 2005.